Need a sales system that keeps track of your sales deals, organizes your data and engages with your prospects at the right time?

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM). At Portway Systems we understand that keeping accurate data about your clients, prospects and contacts is vital to keeping your business on track and running efficiently. That’s why we’ve partnered with Workbooks CRM. To provide our clients with a CRM that we know can streamline their processes, is easy to use and can be customised to fit your business’s unique requirements.

Thanks to Workbooks, sales teams have access to all client and prospect information in one place; where they came from, what service or product they are interested in, when they were last contacted and what was discussed.

Automate your repetitive marketing tasks

Win deals and drive growth using a sales CRM built for small business. Focus your team on selling more by automating your sales process and cutting out admin work. Speak to customers with the right message, in the right tone, at the right time. Leverage pre-built templates, streamlined messaging flows, and mobile apps to easily create and execute cross-channel campaigns.

CRM tailored to the unique needs of businesses

Create engaging experiences with customers across the entire sales cycle. Easily segment and speak to your audiences, deliver compelling messages and content on every interaction, and use enterprise-grade reports and dashboards to measure marketing campaign effectiveness. Communicate and address a broad range of customer needs, including helping them turn enquiries into revenue and great customer service. For many companies, complying with internal data security and privacy policies, external security standards, or government compliance mandates, may be a constant challenge. Our solutions provide on-premise deployment enabling complete autonomous control over your technology.

Easily integrate with multiple applications and platforms. Make calls, send emails, schedule follow-ups, and view client history all from one solution. Stay connected to the data you need to win sales. Automation is key.

Automatically assign tasks, leave messages, share ‘To-do’ lists and set reminders. Now it’s easier to share files, discuss them, publish the best, and track your content in real time. Quickly find what you’re looking for, share it securely, and even set reminders and notes against any sale.