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Economies move with business travel

In today’s fast changing world, our expectations as consumers and suppliers are evolving too. We expect swiftness, simplicity and transparency. Corporations are increasingly embracing emerging technologies to accelerate transformation, enable innovation and customer centricity by leveraging the information gain.

Business Travel is focused on having access to competitive inventory rates, reducing cost, prudent policy and risk management and improving client experience by redefining operations through digitalization.

Industry is focusing on enabling culture to adopt sustainable ways of working, where the key success factors are higher collaboration between business & IT and adoption of lean practices to reduce time to market through increased corporate travel agility. Portway Systems makes this possible, delivering travel technology solutions that work together to enhance your TMC needs.


It's all about the experience

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    Booking Tools

    Corporate Booking Tools (CBT) that automate travel planning, requisition, approval, fulfillment, invoicing, reporting and duty of care.

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    Payment Options

    Security and convenience come first. Offer customers payment options built on new and exciting technology.

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    Mid & Back-Office

    Manage sales, purchases, accounting, tax and reconciliation in a single platform. Generate financial, accounts receivable/payable, ledgers and advanced reports.

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    Batch Invoicing

    Billing efficiency is essential for maintaining a healthy cash flow. Lower error rates by delivering clearer account statements.

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    Traveler Profiling

    Keep customer profile data up-to-date and accurate, stay informed and maintain GDPR compliance.

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    Content Access

    Improve and future-proof your TMC buying and selling capabilities through contracting GDS air, accommodation and car content using a best-price approach.

Benefits to bank on

Embrace highly scalable and integrated corporate travel technology

  • Implement

    Highly scalable, secure and target IT architecture that helps you adopt to the change.

  • Understand

    Pointed solutions to expedite value delivery through competence, knowledge and advisory.

  • Connect

    Building solutions & platforms that can easily integrate & collaborate with other applications.

  • Comply

    Working only with compliant vendors that satisfy GDPR, PCI and ISO standards.

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Our corporate expertise

Portway Systems is equipped with deep knowledge about the complexities of corporate travel, and know how to deploy digital technology to transform operations for long-lasting benefits.


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