Eastways Travel Services Ltd is an established corporate travel agency located in London, UK. They provide emergency and routine business travel services to clients across the region and country.

Eastways Travel Services


An inefficient customer reservation management system at Eastways Travel which needed to be able to access customer records quickly and easily. Staff reverted to keeping paper and excel records that required a lot of time and manual data entry processes. If a travel consultant needed to see them for a returning client or if they were needed for reporting purposes, then the file had to be manually retrieved from the archive; a time-consuming process.


With the TravelWorks Mid & Back-Office/CRM technology offering by Portway Systems, client management and documents were digitised and all processes including sales, accounting and reporting became streamlined. Implementation was risk-free and well planned.

The implementation of the new system has delivered tangible productivity gains and cost savings for Eastways Travel Service. The reservation team and administrators have a robust system that enables them to automate operations when compared with the old system.