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Make hotel and short-term rentals customer-centric

The conventional approach to fulfilling multiple line functions in accommodation selling involves a well-staffed back office managing the volume and complexity of operations. However, a customer-centric approach for repetitive tasks will significantly reduce potential errors and escalation in payroll costs.

Capturing events revenue needs to be a top priority as the marketplace rebounds. But the question is, are you ready? Many hoteliers may not be, according to a new research. You’ll need to quickly access accurate and detailed information about function-space availability, room availability, menu, package, and pricing options — all essential for winning proposals.

Portway Systems is at the forefront, working with hotels, accommodation suppliers and travel companies to overcome these challenges and guide them through a phase of intense digital transformation.


Maintain contact with buyers and suppliers

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    Booking Tools

    Make the reservation process simple, attract more customers and grow revenue.

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    Accept Payments

    Incorporate new technologies into your hotel payments processing methods.

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    Property Management

    Provide hotel employees with software that enable them to serve guests at any location on the property, including the pool and front desk.

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    Channel Management

    Manage inventory and rates across all distribution channels, providing availability to every travel agent and online travel site.

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    Reservation Experience

    Perform all aspects of hotel operations. Make use of mobile devices to improve guest service at anytime, anywhere, and faster check-in and checkout times.

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    Sales Management

    Help your customers and travel agents make an informed choice. Remain service-driven and compliant.

Benefits to bank on

Optimise accommodation selling with digital enablement

  • Integration

    Sales and management applications that seamlessly integrate with other products to streamline operations.

  • Generation

    Maximize revenue with the advantages of cloud solutions that are robust and service-oriented.

  • Efficiency

    Share data between the accommodation sales and property management to develop effective selling strategies.

  • Expansion

    Expand your market reach and attract new customers by using more channels.

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Our accommodation expertise

Portway Systems offers powerful and comprehensive Hotel Booking Systems. Hotel bookings are one of the most critical aspects of the travel industry. Customers expect personalized suggestions based on their preferences and rely on advice provided by travel consultants.


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