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Bringing exciting technology and boundless expertise to continuously evolve and improve customer-focused products and services is at the forefront of today’s comprehensive travel supply chain.

Portway Systems is transforming the world of travel through the use of powerful and exciting technology. Our clients differentiate themselves before their customers using our radical operational thinking from reservations, data management, operations through supply chain and analytics What we provide is a unique blend of innovation, business thinking, process management and technology to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Automation and digitization are changing the business world as we know it, offering tremendous potential and benefits to businesses and end consumers. Additionally, with increased exposure to newer technologies, the end consumer is becoming more and more price conscious. This is in turn putting pressure on service providers in the travel industry to remain competitive and deliver maximum value with reduced prices.


Automate enterprise with feature-rich tools

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    B2B Reservation

    Booking hotels, air tickets and other travel services for professionals. Access real-time inventory availability.

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    Payments Support

    Make payments secure and easy through integrated Payment Gateways, supported by PCI/DSS Compliance.

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    Mid & Back-Office

    All information about orders, invoices, vouchers, and reports is available to you in real-time, whenever required.

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    Finance Models

    You can choose which finance model is more convenient for you: net prices or commissionable supply.

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    Agent Management

    In a single system with a user-friendly interface, manage resellers/agents with regular performance indicators and reports.

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    API Integration

    Our architectural solutions allow you to install only the functionality that your business needs – quickly and reliably.

Benefits to bank on

An ‘all-in-one’ B2B travel platform approach

  • End-to-End

    Enable your business to book and manage entire trips. Pick from the world’s largest selection and ensure traveller safety.

  • Support Partners

    Access to important information, such as GDS inventory, can help your b2b partners even when they’re on the go.

  • Customer Experience

    Provide desktop and mobile booking tools to help keep agents more competitive and results-focussed.

  • Ensure Scalability

    In travel, content is opportunity! When your b2b sales channels succeed, you end-up scaling.

Deliver a win-win partner model. Let’s get started


Our B2B expertise

We have a wealth of experience in deploying B2B tools that automate Front, Mid and Back-office service processes. Portway Systems has an outcome-based approach for service providers and buyers.


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