Leisure Travel Post-pandemic Operator & Consumer Trends

The global travel and tourism sector underwent significant upheaval due to the pandemic, causing lasting changes in the in-destination industry. This sector encompasses day tours, activities, attractions, and local leisure offerings, which remain popular among tourists and travelers. However, industry regulations and evolving consumer demands have reshaped the market, leading to a complex recovery process.

Marketplace intelligence company Phocuswright conducted a research project titled ‘Travel Experiences: Operator and Consumer Trends’ to analyze the post-pandemic recovery and provide insights for the in-destination industry. Based on their findings, Phocuswright shared five key observations from the joint research project:

  1. Uneven recovery for operators: Around 63% of global operators reported that their 2022 bookings either matched or exceeded 2019 levels. However, a significant portion of operators stated that bookings remained below pre-pandemic levels.
  2. Declining optimism but positive prospects: Between January and September 2022, the percentage of operators expressing optimism for 2023 decreased from 81% to 76%.
  3. Increased costs across various expenditures: Operators are facing rising costs for essential expenses such as new equipment, technology, and staff wages. Additionally, more than half of operators reported increased spending on marketing and business insurance.
  4. High engagement of U.S. and India travelers: Over the past 12 months, Indian travelers participated in an average of 30 in-destination activities, while American travelers engaged in an average of 23.
  5. Short booking windows for in-destination experiences: Approximately one-third of travelers book their experiences on the same day, while about three out of four book tours, activities, and attractions within one week of their arrival.

The recovery of the in-destination industry post-pandemic is characterized by a mixture of positive and challenging factors, making it a complex landscape to navigate.

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