Our Process

Each Customer Journey is unique in its own way. What each has in common is our approach. From analysis and system creation through to training and support, below is an example of a typical Implementation project.

We Work Strictly And Rigorously!

Step 1: Mapping & Requirements

The foundations of a successful project are built on understanding. Our bespoke service begins by studying your business and identifying specific needs. We conduct a ‘gap-analysis’ as part of the mapping strategy.

This discussion mixes your business knowledge with our technical expertise to challenge and improve the solution.

Step 2: Budgeting & Build

Once a costings proposal has been accepted, we move to delivery and implementation. This stage involves all work needed to design and build the solution, in accordance with the requirements set out in the solution blueprint.

Most of this work is typically undertaken offsite. However, during this stage, we would remain engaged with your users and present one or more ‘show and tell’ sessions so that you get a chance to review the solution as it develops and can highlight any key changes prior to go-live!

Step 3: Data Migration & Testing

Time to populate your new system with your unique data. Whether migrating data from an existing system or importing directly from spreadsheets, we’ll train you in the process, so you can take control. A dedicated quality assurance team ensures the software performs well and is easily maintained.

Step 4: Optimize & Support

As your business evolves you will most likely need to make changes and extensions to your application, as and when your business needs them. So, we have a support service in place to ensure your application is always fit for purpose, and delivering continuous value to your business.