When Suzie wanted a mobile app to showcase its competitive market prices, it turned to its trusted long-term partner: Portway Systems.

Suzie is a hotel booking and networking platform which identified a large consumer market across European destinations.



Suzie’s business model is unique. Users can take cues and pick up the best prices on hotels whilst sharing that information across a network of like-minded bookers.

Drawing on its knowledge of Suzie and its industry, Portway Systems knew what was needed from a mobile app: a clear and uncluttered tool that would give users the information they needed in seconds and to deliver user experience that was swift and highly automated. The team set about designing and integrating an app that would be as simple as possible.


One of the biggest challenges in any project is to make something look “simple”. Portway Systems had a clear understanding of how the audience would use the app which enabled us to strip away surplus features and clearly present the information in a user-friendly way.

The app was designed for the user who wants to “explore”. It shows the latest high-level prices up-front, with small visualizations providing an overview of the underlying details.