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INFINITI and Portway Systems sign strategic technology agreement

Birmingham, UK – Feb. 14, 2023 – Portway Systems, a leading travel technology provider, and INFINTI, a leader in dynamic packaging, merchandising and Online Booking Tools (OBT), announce a multi-year exclusive technology agreement expanding across the USA and UK travel trade arena.

Within the agreement, that is first of its kind in the industry, Portway Systems and INFINITI will collaborate to build the next-generation travel retail offerings, bringing real-time insights through the adoption of Bookings and Orders. The deal expands on the existing capabilities between the two companies and will cover a transition to reservation and order management.

The partnership will allow Portway Systems to provide powerful and more streamlined digital touchpoints to the travel trade.

“We are confident that this partnership will flourish as travel gets to pre-pandemic volumes and beyond due to our shared values of delivering hyper-personalized and easy-to-use technology that helps travel companies gain an edge in their market”, commented a representative from INFINITI’s PR team.

Portway Systems and INFINITI’s strategic partnership helps travel companies increase customer loyalty and drive revenue through cutting-edge digital enablement.

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