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3 ways we’re helping our travel agency customers to compete

Small-to-Medium size Businesses (SMB) want to ensure their travel technology will allow them to stay ahead of the curve by optimizing each booking channel, increasing direct reservations, and providing a personalized traveller experience. Here are three ways Portway Systems is making this possible for its travel agency customers.

1. Adopting a cloud-based approach:

Travel agencies can use PS Cloud Suite of products to help them manage and capitalize on leisure or corporate bookings. PS Cloud Suite offers solutions that combine multiple tasks/modules into a single web-based application, delivering powerful technology to the travel trade. It eliminates the daunting task of trying to juggle between multiple software applications to engage and transact with customers.

2. Calculating costs early on:

Clearly understanding its business requirements and scope, an organisation may calculate an approximate travel technology budget. Since each requirement is unique, and the costs may significantly vary in a particular travel agency, its not easy to give one-size-fits-all answers. Initially, keep in mind the people responsible for costing estimates should consider direct expenses (hiring developers and purchasing tools and technologies) and associated costs related to employee training, software maintenance and security monitoring. Portway Systems reduces these burdens by advising on the most cost-effecting travel tools and implementation methods.

3. Digital transformation encouragement:

A new survey has found the average SMB travel agency is having to juggle as many as five different business management tools, causing inefficiency, productivity loss and greater security risks. With remote working continuing to grow post Covid, being able to access inventory, view travel data and manage operations is key to the ongoing success of travel agencies. It’s not all bad news, however, as respondents to the survey who’ve added or changed their digital solutions in the past year gained significant benefits. Portway Systems recognizes these challenges and has adopted a streamlined approach to its travel technology offering.

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